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5V 1 Channel Relay Module Without Optocoupler

5V 1 Channel Relay Module Without Optocoupler

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  • Single Channel Relay Module
  • with / without optocoupler
  • Current Rating: 10A @ (250VAC, 125VAC, 30VDC)
  • Terminals: NO, NC and COM
  • Standard TTL Level logic controlled.
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The 5V 1 Channel Relay Module provides reliable switching with a 5V input voltage and a maximum current rating of 10A. It features a 1 channel relay module, No optocoupler, and three terminals (NO, NC, COM). This module is suitable for switching between 250VAC, 125VAC, 30VDC, or 28VDC electrical circuits.

This Module provides a stable and reliable control of electrical devices. It is great for applications such as motor, lighting and other circuit control thanks to its 5V input voltage and 10A current rating. Electrical systems with this module will enjoy reliable and stable control.


  • 5V Input Voltage
  • 1 Channel Relay Module
  • No optocoupler
  • Current Rating: 10A @ (250VAC, 125VAC, 30VDC, 28VDC)
  • Terminals: NO, NC and COM
  • Standard TTL Level logic controlled.


  1. Lighting control systems.
  2. Industrial process controllers.
  3. Traffic control.
  4. Motor drives control.
  5. Protection systems of electrical power system.


Number of Channels 1
Trigger Voltage 5V
Switching Voltage (AC) 10A @ (250VAC, 125VAC)
Switching Voltage (DC) 10A @ 30VDC
Contact Current Rating 10Amps
Number of pins 3 (NO, NC, COM)
Product Dimesions 43 x 17 x 18 mm
Product Weight 50 grams


Country of origin : China

1x Single Channel Relay Module

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